Sarazm 5500 – travel company on the great Silk Road was founded in 2018 as it was declared the year of tourism and folk crafts in Tajikistan. The company is named after the ancient city of Sarazm, which  is a UNESCO  World Heritage Site

Sarazm contains the presence of an early steppe in the Zarafshan Valley. More than 5000 years ago, it was the largest metallurgical center of Central Asia engaged in export.

The city is believed to have been revived as a mining point to collect from nearby sources of turquoise. Established no later that 1500 BC, the city also served as an agricultural and copper production center. The  proto – urban site of Sarazm was inscribed on the World Heritage list in July 2010 as “an archaeological site bearing testimony to the development of human settlement in Central Asia.


Sarazm 5500 – implements all types of touristic activities, including:

  • Meeting of tourists in all points of their arrival in the republic of Tajikistan and Central Asia
  • Accommodation of tourists (in hotels, air- ticket booking and private residential building located in mountainous areas)
  • Excursion services in the cities and towns of the republic;
  • Provides experienced instructors and guides-interpreters;
  • Tracking, horse tours, climbing, moto-tours and biking;
  • Tours to the Fann Mountains;
  • Tour  to the Pamir;
  • Visa & permission;
  • Transfers and transportation on the territory of Tajikistan .


Tajikistan is located in Central Asia, covers and area of 141,200 sq. km, 93% of which is mountainous and only 7% valleys.

 Population 9 mln

To the west and north it shares a border with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, to the east and south with Afghanistan and china.

Capital : Dushanbe

Big cities: Khujand, Kulob, Penjikent, Khorog, Istaravshan.

Climate: continential, varies depending on the locations, fluctuations temperature.

Best time to travel: Between March to October

State language: Tajiki

Currency : somoni

telephone code : 992 for Tajikistan

                              37 for Dushanbe

Power Consumption: 220 v

Religion :  Islam

Agriculture : Cotton, fruits, vegetables mostly.

Architecture: blend of the Oriental  and European styles.